Who Will Be Left When the Forests Burn and the Fields Flood?
There's a detachment from reality. A disconnect in how we interact with and use the environment. Believing we're separate from the cause and excluded from the consequences, this superficial life is carried on with ignorance. I see the earth being tormented, with not enough being done to protect it and the beings on it. It's said that we're coming to a point of no return, that what we do now decides our future. Through imagery and personal thoughts, I explore these feelings I have, as well as many others my age. There's a lack of comprehension in how interconnected everything is, and I look to explore the beauty as well as the  anguish within this connection. 

With a mixture of abstraction and artificial lighting, I transform the tone of landscapes, areas, and people within these images to produce an uneasiness within the viewer. The use of the figure in this work is important as a representation of the generation I'm in, but also used in looking at the tension of the body in relation to our physical and social environment. Left feeling helpless, we feel the dread and pressure of what is to come and the burden to do something to fix it. Placed within this space of reality and the surreal, I encourage the viewer to re-evaluate the relationship one has with the environment, the ideology we have formed around nature, and the impact many humans have had on the earth that will ultimately be our demise. 
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